Recruit internationally trained workers

Employers usually find it easiest to hire workers who have been trained locally and know local practices. When they are not available, or don’t have the specialized skills and experience your business needs, you may need to recruit internationally trained workers.

Recruit workers in B.C.

First, look for internationally trained workers here in British Columbia. Immigrants, students and temporary foreign workers may be here and looking for work.

Recruit workers overseas

Recruiting employees from overseas and helping them immigrate to Canada can be complex and time-consuming.

Talk to knowledgeable staff from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to get realistic expectations about the recruitment and immigration processes and timeline. See the information pages on hiring and retaining foreign workers.

The Immigrant Employment Council of BC offers employer tools and resources to hire workers overseas, as well as immigrants already in B.C.

Hiring steps

When you hire internationally trained workers, you may need to adapt your usual hiring processes, particularly if you are hiring workers who are not permanent residents of Canada.

The Employer Road Map offers a step-by-step interactive guide to building a recruitment strategy by Hire Immigrants, which supports investment in immigrant talent.

Check resumes and credentials

Ask job candidates to provide electronic contact information so that you can get in touch with educational institutions, former employers and references. Request a telephone number, email addresses, website and, if possible, an online video chat address such as a Skype ID.

Use these resources to evaluate a resume from another country:

  • Hire Immigrant Talent – Check out the resources from the Immigrant Employment Council of BC, including the Resume Review Centre.

Use these resources to evaluate professional credentials from another country: