Retain your workers

Once you have successfully hired an international worker, learn how you can help your new employee settle in to life in B.C. Find out about language and skills upgrading supports and how you can create a more welcoming workplace.

Help Employees Settle in Canada

Immigrant settlement agencies are one of the most valuable supports to someone who is moving to Canada as a permanent resident. Settlement workers can help newcomers find a place to live and answer questions about adjusting to life in British Columbia.

Help Employees Learn about B.C.

The B.C. Newcomers' Guide, produced by the Government of British Columbia, provides a wealth of information about finding a place to live, banking, education, health care, driving, where to go for help and more.

Create a Welcoming Workplace

When you've hired the right person for the position, think about the workplace he or she is coming into. Is it welcoming and supportive? Will the new employee be accepted and feel comfortable with contributing new ideas?

These resources can help you make your workplace more welcoming and supportive:

Support Language and Skills Upgrading

Evidence shows that the single biggest factor in the successful settlement of people who move here from abroad is becoming comfortable in English. Learn about resources that support employers and help employees learn and improve their English.


Learn more about retaining workers with these resources: