Processing times

Processing times indicate how long it takes for us to process applications to the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). View the latest estimated times here.

Program processing times are from the date your complete application is submitted, and are based on 80 per cent of cases. Processing times are subject to change according to program capacity.

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We will not refund application fees after we have begun reviewing your application.

Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC

Estimated processing time
2-3 months

Post-nomination requests

If you have been nominated, and if any of the following apply, you will need to submit a
post-nomination request:

  • your employment status has changed (i.e. you have been promoted, changed employers, terminated, laid off, on extended leave, or if the business has closed or changed ownership)
  • your work permit will expire within 180 days
  • your family makeup has changed (i.e. you were recently married, divorced, legally separated, had a baby, etc.)
  • your application for permanent residence is returned as incomplete (under section 10 of the Immigration Refugees and Protection Regulation). The BC PNP may extend a nomination only in exceptional circumstances.

Please access post-nomination support via My Dashboard on BCPNP Online. You will need to email if there is a change in your family makeup or if you were nominated with a paper-based application (submitted before July 2015).

As of October 2017, we typically process post-nomination requests within three (3) months of the date of submission. This can change based on the volume of requests received and our processing capacity.

As a condition of your nomination, it is your responsibility to maintain legal status in Canada. If your status has expired, you have to show that you submitted an application for a restoration of status within the 90-day eligibility period.

For time-sensitive requests, we strongly encourage you to submit your requests early to allow us enough time to process.

Entrepreneur Immigration registrations/applications (online)

Stage Estimated processing time
Registration score notification 6 weeks
(from the date of registration submission)
Application decision notification 
(at work permit stage)
4 months
‚Äč(from the date of application submission)

Entrepreneur Immigration applications (paper)

If you submitted an application prior to April 2015, your application has undergone an initial assessment and has been assigned to a BC PNP program advisor. Typically, the processing time to make a decision is approximately 4 months from the date of assignment (this estimated timeframe is based on 80 per cent of cases and is subject to change due to program capacity). All paper applications will be in process by spring/summer 2019. 

Withdrawing your Entrepreneur Immigration paper application

You may contact the BC PNP at for more information on how to withdraw your paper application and find out if you are eligible for a refund.

Need more information?

Please contact the BC PNP if you have questions about processing times. We do not respond to requests for status updates if we are within the above processing times.

Your privacy

As per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the BC PNP may only share information about an applicant/application with the applicant or their authorized representative. The BC PNP will not share information about an application with unauthorized third parties. This includes local business owners who may have an interest in the outcome of a BC PNP Entrepreneur application where it relates to the potential sale of their business.