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The federal government allocates the number of nominations (principal applicants, excluding dependent family) available to the BC PNP each year. For 2016, B.C.’s quota is 5,800 nominations. The BC PNP has always used the full nomination allocation and intends to maximize the quota again this year.

Estimated processing times included below are based on 80% of cases and are subject to change according to program capacity.

The BC PNP will not refund application fees where a review of the application has commenced.


Skills Immigration Processing Times

Estimated Processing Times by Date of Application Receipt

Date Received Estimated Processing Time
January - March 2015 14 - 16 months
April - July 2015 16 months
From February 2016 2 -3 months 

Entrepreneur Immigration Processing Times

The Entrepreneur Immigration stream has experienced a sustained increase in demand, with an inventory of approximately 1,300 applications. Processing has been initiated for all applications submitted under the former Regional Business Succession Option. These priority applications will be processed within 18 months of receipt.
Estimated Processing Times by Date of Application Receipt
Date Received:  Estimated Processing Time
February 2013 to May 2013 36 - 39 months
June 2013 to May 2014 33 - 36 months
June 2014 to April 2015 24 - 36 months
From January 2016  3 - 4 months

For More Information

You may contact the BC PNP if you have questions about processing times.

The BC PNP will not respond to inquiries about the status of an application if it was received within the processing times shown above.

As per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the BC PNP may only share information about an applicant/application with the applicant or their authorized representative. The BC PNP cannot share information about an application with unauthorized third parties. This includes local business owners who may have an interest in the outcome of a BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration application where it relates to the potential sale of their business.