Using a representative

The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is designed so you can submit a registration or application on your own. However, you may choose to use a representative, such as an immigration consultant or lawyer, to provide advice or help with the process. A representative is authorized to act on your behalf with the BC PNP. 

We assess all applications equally. Using a representative will not give you special attention or faster processing, and does not guarantee a better outcome.

Types of representative

Paid representatives

Paid representatives must be:


  • lawyers who are members in good standing of the Law Society of BC or another Canadian Law Society, the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, or the Chambre des notaires du Quebec

Please ensure that your potential representative is in good standing with their professional organization. 

Unpaid representatives

You may use the services of an unpaid representative to act on your behalf. Unpaid representatives may include immigration consultants or lawyers (see above), family members, friends and members of a non-governmental or religious organization.

Unpaid representatives do not charge fees or receive any other compensation or benefit for providing immigration advice or related services.

Disclosing your representative

If you decide to use a paid representative to assist you, you must disclose that in your application. Failure to do this may lead to the application being refused.

Use of a representative forms

If you are using a representative or if you change your representative, you must submit the following form:

If you are invited to apply and your employer is using a representative, your employer must complete a separate form, even if they are appointing the same representative.  

Declaration and consent

By completing the BC PNP’s use of a representative form, you and your employer (where applicable) have authorized the individual named on the form to represent you and act on your behalf with the BC PNP. This may include representation throughout the registration, application and assessment processes, and communication with program staff as required. This includes disclosure of personal or confidential information to your representative.

The legal declaration in the online registration or application is your legal signature. If your representative enters the registration or application on your behalf, you should review the information provided as you will be legally responsible for the accuracy of the form contents.

BCPNP Online uses your personal email as the unique personal identifier for your profile. The email and contact information provided in your profile will be associated with the application in the system, and will be used by BC PNP staff for communication of final decisions.

At its discretion, the BC PNP may contact you and/or your employer directly to request additional evidence or information to verify information in your registration and/or application, and to determine if you meet or continue to meet all program requirements. 

Beware of immigration fraud

We encourage you to protect yourself from immigration fraud. Learn more about protecting yourself from fraud.