Entrepreneur Immigration - Base Category FAQs

Find answers to common questions about the requirements, process and other topics. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need more information, please contact us or refer to our guide:


How long will the process take from registration to nomination?

  • After reviewing your registration, we will assign a score within four to six weeks of submission.
  • You will remain in the qualified pool for up to six months, or 180 days.
  • If you are invited to apply, you must submit an application within four months, or 120 days, of the invitation date.
  • We process the majority of complete applications within three to four months of receipt.

How is my business concept scored?

  • Each business concept is scored on its own merits, taking into consideration information submitted in all sections of the registration.
  • Detailed information on how your business concept will be scored is in the Entrepreneur Immigration - Base Category Program Guide (PDF, 1MB)

Can I update my business concept?

  • You are not able to change or edit any information, other than your profile information, once the fee has been paid.
  • You may cancel your registration and submit a new registration. However, you must pay a new registration fee.

What is the minimum score?

  • There is no overall minimum score. However, there are minimum qualifying scores for each section of the registration.
  • You must meet the minimum score in each section to proceed.
  • Please refer to the Entrepreneur Immigration - Base Category Program Guide (PDF, 1MB) for detailed information.

Why is my registration only valid for six months, or 180 days?

  • The qualified pool is continually renewed. As registrants are invited to apply, new registrations are received and previous registrations expire.
  • This ensures that the qualified pool maintains a focus on the highest-scoring registrants.

When does the six-month, or 180 days, timeline for the qualified pool start?

  • It starts from the date you are notified by email that your registration is in the pool.

If my registration is currently in the qualified pool, can I withdraw and resubmit a new one before the six months, or 180 days, are up?

  • Yes. You may withdraw your registration by contacting us.
  • To submit a new registration you will need to create a new profile (using a different email address) and pay the registration fee again.

Can I send in a paper registration?

  • Please contact us if you cannot use the BCPNP Online registration system.

Is there an age requirement?

Do I need to take a language test?

  • Yes. As of January 29, 2020, the minimum language requirement for the EI – Base Category is Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) 4.
  • We require the mandatory language requirement by nomination.
  • Meeting the minimum language requirement is a condition of nomination.

Why do I need to obtain a net worth review from a BC PNP-authorized accounting firm?

Business eligibility

Does the BC PNP have a list of preferred or eligible businesses?

Can you pre-approve my business concept?

  • No. Your business concept will be assigned points as part of your registration.

Support Letters for Exploratory Visits

Will the BC PNP support me to obtain a temporary resident visa (TRV) to conduct an exploratory visit?

  • No. However, we will issue you a support letter for your temporary resident visa application if you are invited to apply and requested to attend an interview.

Business concept changes

Can I change my business concept while I am in B.C. on the BC PNP-supported work permit?

  • You are expected to thoroughly research your business concept before registering or applying. This means that you are aware of the risks and are familiar with the business environment you will be entering.
  • You should be prepared to implement your plans as soon as you arrive in B.C.
  • If unforeseen circumstances arise that would prevent you from implementing your plan as intended, please contact us immediately. Any changes or an alternative business plan must be approved by the BC PNP.

Existing Applications

Can I register through BC PNP Online if I have already applied under the previous process and am still waiting for a decision?

  • The BC PNP only allows you to have one submission with us at a time.
  • If you wish to submit an Entrepreneur Immigration registration through BC PNP Online, you must withdraw your existing application prior to registering. You may be eligible for a refund for your fee only if the assessment of your application has not begun.
  • If a review of your current application has begun, it will be refused.

Will the new applications be processed faster than those already submitted under the old program requirements?

  • Yes. The new process results in faster decisions for the highest-scoring applicants.