Learn English

English is the official language in British Columbia. You will need to speak, read and write in English in order to work or study in B.C. Good English language skills will help you work in your profession, take care of daily activities, and find success in B.C.

Take some English courses to learn how to use English comfortably. To find classes in your area, contact your local settlement services agency.

These ideas can help you improve your English skills:

  • Get to know people who speak English. Practice before you arrive in B.C.
  • Enroll in English classes in your home country. Build your speaking and reading skills  or sign up for online lessons
  • Listen to Canadian radio and televisions stations online, such as the CBC
  • Read newspapers from British Columbia
  • Use chat groups or discussion groups in English.
  • Watch English movies.
  • Use a document reader to read English text aloud on your computer.