Find settlement services

Community and government organizations offer many services to assist newcomers. They will help answer your questions and explain things that may be different from what you know.

Find settlement services offered near you. Free services for immigrants to Canada include:

  • language assessments and classes
  • help finding a job
  • help with daily life, such as finding a place to live and filling out forms and applications
  • information about community services, such as mentoring

If you are not eligible for these programs, you can still get help from B.C. services, such as:

  • information and referral services provided by immigrant serving agencies for those who have become naturalized citizens, provincial nominees awaiting approval for permanent residency, and temporary foreign workers across B.C.
  • information, referral and trauma support for refugee claimants in Metro Vancouver.

Community Connections

Your settlement services agency may have a community connections program to help you meet local residents. Contact them to find out about activities with local residents and learn about life in B.C.

Community centres offer programs and facilities for newcomers and others, often in a variety of languages. Through them, you can meet people, make new friends, learn new activities and stay active. They often have a swimming pool, ice rink, gymnasium, tennis court and playgrounds. They also offer courses and programs including languages, physical activities and arts. To find a community centre near you, search online or ask your settlement services agency.

A neighbourhood house is similar to a community centre. Neighbourhood houses provide many programs and services in Metro Vancouver and are open to everyone. The Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC can help you find a neighbourhood house near you.

Settlement Guides

On the NewToBC Library Link for Newcomers website, find links to online immigrant settlement guides. These include, the B.C. Newcomers’ Guide,, language resources, health guides and a citizenship study guide.