Newcomers' Guide - Provincial

Moving to a new country can be challenging. You likely have a number of questions that need to be answered right away. 

The B.C. Newcomers’ Guide will give you the information you and your family need to settle in B.C. quickly and easily. The B.C. Newcomers’ Guide is available in 11 languages. You can find it, as well as pre-arrival and other information available in up to 14 languages on the WelcomeBC In Your Language page.

Print copies of the B.C. Newcomers’ Guide are available free of charge in 11 languages, for shipment within B.C. You can order here.

You can also view informative Newcomers’ videos that cover many of the topics in the Newcomers' Guide. These are also available in 11 languages.

Link to Provincial Newcomers’ Guide to resources and services. English version
Translation. Link to In Your Language page for Provincial Newcomers’ Guide in 11 languages, including English