Find a job in B.C.

Soon after you arrive in British Columbia, you will probably want to find work if you don’t have a job already. To get a job, you will need to have your credentials recognized, learn English or improve your language skills, and possibly learn some new job skills.

It often helps to have a job offer before you come to B.C. You can take many steps before you leave your home country.

The resources listed below can help you learn about job demand and opportunities in British Columbia, and help you find a job.

In addition, you can take these steps:

  • Check the online job listings or the classified sections of national and local newspapers.
  • Contact the employment departments of organizations where you would like to work.
  • Ask friends and family living in B.C. for any leads on jobs.
  • Get support from a settlement services agency.
  • If you need to upgrade your skills, see if you are eligible for the Career Paths program.
  • Visit the Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre (SIIC) at the Vancouver Public Library or online for employment programs and information.
  • Find volunteer opportunities to help you gain Canadian work experience.
  • Call or visit a Service Canada Centre for information on government of Canada employment services and training help.
  • Explore for employment services offered through the province of B.C. (although not necessary to finding work, hire an employment agency or recruiter).
Watch videos to learn about the programs that have helped newcomers successfully find work in British Columbia.