Mao Yanhong

Mao YanhongCan  you imagine being paid to travel, write, and research other cultures? It sounds like a dream job – because it is. Yanhong spent four years translating and writing for the BBC’s award-winning Lonely Planet – the world’s largest travel guide book publishing and online travel website.

 “I consider myself very lucky to have been a Lonely Planet writer,” says Yanhong. “My travels took me to every corner of Asia – it truly was one of the most amazing times in my life. The best part of my work is the education – I have learned so much about various cultures, it has been amazing.”

Mao Yanhong with her husbandIt was while writing for the Lonely Planet that Yanhong met her husband who is Canadian, but was working abroad in China. The two fell in love in 2009 and were married soon after. “We have a lot in common – we are both passionate about travel and writing. He is a journalist and funny enough he was visiting China for work when I met him.”

While in China, Yanhong was reading a popular travel blog and discovered  WelcomeBC’s multilingual Newcomers’ Guides. “I was researching B.C. because we were planning on moving back, and a lot of people were talking about the Newcomers' Guide online. My English isn’t perfect, so it was great to be able to learn about B.C. through my own language.”

Things are changing quickly for Mao. She’s already a permanent resident because she was able to immigrate through the Government of Canada’s Family Sponsorship program.

Even though Mao has only called B.C. home for three months, her travel instincts have already taken her to lots of great events and destinations. “B.C.’s culture is so vibrant and colourful. I’ve checked out Bowen Island, Vancouver Island, Vancouver’s Pride Parade and made a trip up to the Okanagan.”

Today, Yanhong’s attention has shifted from travel blogging to upgrading her skills. She’s back in the classroom, admitted to Simon Fraser University’s Digital Communications Certificate Program. Yanhong’s excited about her and her husband’s future in B.C.

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