Before you move to B.C.

Last reviewed: March 11 2024

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Newcomers' Guides
Get ready to move to B.C.
Learn English
Check your credentials
Newcomers Videos
B.C. Seniors' Guide

Newcomers' Guides

The B.C. Newcomers’ Guide will help you settle into B.C. quickly and easily.  It is available in English and seven other languages. 

Get ready to move to B.C.

While you wait for your visas or permits, you can take a few steps to make sure your arrival in B.C. is smooth and you can settle in quickly.  

Learn English

English is the official language in British Columbia. Good English language skills will help you work, study, go about daily activities, and find success in B.C. You can take some English courses to learn English for everyday use.

These ideas can help you improve your English skills:
  • get to know people who speak English
  • practice your language skills before you arrive in B.C.
  • listen to Canadian radio and televisions stations online, such as the CBC
  • find English language learning materials on the NewToBC: The Library Link for Newcomers website
  • use chat groups or discussion groups in English
  • watch English movies
  • use a document reader to read English text aloud on your computer
For more information on learning English, please visit the Daily Life page.  

Check your credentials

Some jobs in B.C. are regulated. This means people need special education and training to do these jobs. They may need to prove that they have the required skills and training. This process is different than the process for immigration purposes. It is sometimes called Foreign Credentials Recognition (FCR), or Foreign Qualifications Recognition (FQR).

For more information on FCR, please visit the Getting Certified to Work in B.C. section

Newcomers' videos

You can also watch translated Newcomers' videos that cover many of the topics in the Newcomers' Guide. You can learn about government services and get tips on money management and banking, health care, public transportation and more.

BC Seniors’ Guide

The BC Seniors’ Guide has information about benefits, health, lifestyle, housing, transportation, finances, safety, and security for older adults. There is also a list of resources, services, and programs. The guide is available in English, French, Punjabi, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Farsi.