About the BC Provincial Nominee Program

Last reviewed: June 3, 2024
The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an economic immigration program. It lets the Province select economic immigrants who will live in B.C. and help fill job vacancies or operate businesses.

If you are nominated, you and your family can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residence in Canada.

Topics on this page

Skills Immigration and Entrepreneur Immigration

The BC PNP has two main components:
  • Skills Immigration is for workers and recent graduates with the skills, experience and qualifications needed by B.C. employers
  • Entrepreneur Immigration is for experienced entrepreneurs who intend to create and actively manage a business in the province
The Skills Immigration and Entrepreneur Immigration pages provide more information about the streams and how to apply.  

Strategic initiatives

The BC PNP supports the Province’s broader strategic goals. To support those goals while also maintaining program integrity and supporting nominees for success, the program may use various tools to select and prioritize applicants. For example, the BC PNP may issue targeted invitations to apply for select occupations.

Supporting regional communities

Communities in regions outside the Metro Vancouver Regional District face unique economic development challenges. B.C. wants to make sure that all regions of the province benefit from economic growth.

The Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot helps participating regional communities. It creates a role for them to attract entrepreneurs who will establish businesses to support their local economic development priorities.

Skills Immigration helps regional employers retain workers who have experience working or studying in smaller communities outside the Metro Vancouver Regional District.  

Please go to the Entrepreneur Immigration or the Skills Immigration page to find the stream that best fits your situation.

Supporting the healthcare, childcare, and veterinary care sectors

B.C. has a critical need in key sectors of the care economy, specifically healthcare, childcare and veterinary care.

Find out which occupations are prioritized to support B.C.’s care economy. B.C. has also made it easier for public health authorities to recruit and retain needed staff to deliver healthcare to British Columbians.

Workers who are direct employees of a provincial health authority do not need to register and can apply directly to the Health Authority stream. Physicians, nurse practitioners and midwives may also qualify. For eligibility criteria, please see the Health Authority stream. 

Supporting the construction sector

Housing is a top priority for B.C. To support the skilled construction workforce that is needed to meet B.C.’s residential housing demand, certified workers in select construction occupations are prioritized.

Find out which occupations are prioritized to support B.C.’s construction sector.

Supporting the technology sector

The BC PNP provides B.C.’s technology sector the continued ability to recruit and retain international talent in tech occupations when local skilled workers are unavailable.

BC PNP Tech has supported more than 6,000 tech workers to be nominated for permanent residence since its launch in May 2017. 

Find out which occupations are prioritized to support B.C.’s technology sector.

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Processing times

Processing times show how long it may take to make a decision on a BC PNP application, post-nomination request or request for review.  If your nomination or request is time sensitive, you should make your submission well in advance of the times listed below.

Processing times are based on the date we receive your complete application.  About 80 per cent of cases will be processed within these time frames. Some cases are more complex and can take more time. These time frames are subject to change without notice, according to volume of cases and the program’s processing capacity.

Fees will only be refunded if you withdraw your application before the BC PNP begins to assess it. Request for review fees are non-refundable. Please see the fees section for more information.

Skills Immigration

Stage Estimated processing time
Application 3 months
Post-nomination request 3 months
Request for review 6 months

For more information about post-nomination requests, please refer to the Nominees page.

 Entrepreneur Immigration

Stage Estimated processing time
Registration score notification 6 weeks
Application decision notification 
(at work permit stage)
4 months
Application decision notification 
(at final report stage)
4 months
Request for review 6 months

We do not respond to status update requests if they are within stated processing times.  

If your application or request is outside of the above processing times and you are would like an update on the status of your application, please contact the BC PNP.

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We charge fees to process BC PNP applications. These fees cover the cost to administer the program and help to provide services and supports to clients during the immigration process.
Fee payments can only be made in the BCPNP Online system. We do not accept payment any other way (for example, cheques, bank transfers, wire transfers, or gift cards). 

If you are asked to pay the BC PNP fees in another way, please report this to PNP.fraud.tips@gov.bc.ca. Visit the Immigration Fraud and Scams section for more information.

Skills Immigration Fees                             

Registration No fee
Application $1,475
Request for review $500

Entrepreneur Immigration Fees

Registration $300
Application $3,500
Request for review $500

Strategic Projects Fees

Registration $300
Application $3,500
Key Staff $1,000
Request for review $500

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) fees

You will need to pay a separate fee when you submit your application for permanent residence to IRCC. You may also have to pay fees to IRCC to apply for or extend your work permit.

Please see IRCC’s Fees page for more information about federal immigration fees.

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Contact the BC PNP

Your privacy

As per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the BC PNP may only share information about an applicant/application with the applicant or their authorized representative. The BC PNP cannot share information about an application with unauthorized third parties.

This includes local business owners interested in a BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration application related to the potential sale of their business.

General inquiries

We’re here to help. Please email us at:
PNPInfo@gov.bc.ca: For questions about Skills Immigration application requirements, criteria and process
En.Imm@gov.bc.ca:  For questions about Entrepreneur Immigration and Strategic Projects application requirements, criteria and process
PNPPostNom@gov.bc.ca: To tell us about a job loss, or a change in your immigration status or family makeup
PNPConcierge@gov.bc.ca: If you are a tech employer, Health Authority HR staff, a community economic development representative or local government staff
Services we do not offer:
  • reviewing, pre-assessing or helping with an application
  • giving advice about your immigration options
  • advocating for your case to a decision-maker
If you have questions or concerns about immigration fraud, visit our Immigration Fraud and Scams section. 
You can also contact us at:
BC Provincial Nominee Program Office
450 - 605 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 5J3

Our current office hours for in-person inquiries are: 
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 8:30am-4:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am-4:30pm
Thursday: 8:30am-4:30pm
Friday: closed

These hours are subject to change. 

Fax: 604-660-4092
Phone: 604-775-2227 (This is a voicemail line)

For healthcare professionals

If you are a healthcare professional, you may wish to contact Health Match BC. They offer free recruitment services for select healthcare professions on behalf of B.C.’s health authorities.
Health Match BC
300 – 2889 East 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5M 4T5

Tel: 604-736-5920

Media inquiries

Please use the Media Contact information for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs


To contact Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), please visit their website.

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