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The BC PNP is a tool for employers to recruit and retain in-demand workers for positions that can’t be filled from the domestic labour pool.
Most BC PNP categories need the support of an eligible B.C. employer. This means you must fulfill certain responsibilities and requirements to support your employee’s BC PNP application.

General requirements

You must:
  • be established in B.C.
  • meet domestic labour market recruitment requirements
  • offer full-time, indeterminate (permanent or with no set end date) employment
    • BC PNP Tech applicants in eligible tech occupations may have a one-year, full-time job offer
  • offer a wage in line with industry standards
  • provide a signed job offer
  • complete and sign the Employer Declaration Form
  • submit supporting documents about your business
  • follow local laws and regulations


As an employer supporting an application to the BC PNP, you have a responsibility to:
  • notify the BC PNP if there are any changes in your employee’s status. This includes a promotion or termination; if they have been laid off or are on extended leave; or if the business has closed or changed ownership.
  • ensure the information you provide is truthful, complete and correct.
If it is determined that you misrepresented information and/or documentation, the BC PNP may refuse to accept an application supported by your business for up to two years.

Public sector and non-profit employers

We accept applications from the following public sector and non-profit organizations with a permanent presence in B.C.:
  • provincial and regional healthcare authorities and agencies
  • public post-secondary education and training institutions
  • private, non-profit post-secondary institutions that are accredited by, or registered with, the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC
  • institutions supported by the Government of Canada or the Province of B.C. that conduct research in natural and applied sciences, engineering, computer and information systems, or health sciences
  • provincial/federal/municipal government organizations and agencies
  • other non-profit groups registered as charitable organizations and incorporated under the Society Act (RSBC 1996) or the Canada Corporations Act, Part II, 1970

Ineligible employers

The BC PNP will not approve applications from:
  • employers involved in producing, distributing or selling pornographic or sexually explicit products, or providing sexually oriented entertainment or services
  • employment agencies and similar placement firms unless you directly employ the applicant, and they are contributing directly to your primary line of business
  • any other type of business – or activities of the business – that by association would tend to bring the BC PNP or the Government of British Columbia into disrepute.

More information

This website provides a high-level overview of the program only. For complete information about the program requirements and process, please refer to the BC PNP Skills Immigration Program Guide.

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