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This page was last updated on November 28, 2022.

This page shows the draw dates, the type of draw conducted, the number of invitations to apply (ITAs) issued, and any specific factors that were targeted for a specific draw.
To find out whether you received an ITA, please log into your BCPNP Online profile

Skills Immigration invitations

Date Number of 
Stream Minimum

November 28, 2022

Skilled Worker 105

General draw
(includes tech occupations)
Skilled Worker - EEBC option 105
International Graduate 105
International Graduate - EEBC option 105
Entry Level and Semi Skilled 82

November 28, 2022

Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)

Targeted draw: Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 42202)

Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled (includes EEBC option)


Targeted draw: Healthcare
(unless listed below)


Entry Level and Semi-Skilled

Targeted draw: Healthcare: Health care assistants (NOC 33102)

Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)

Targeted draw:
Other priority occupations (NOCs 31103, 32104)
* Regional includes only candidates with job offers outside Metro Vancouver Regional District who meet the minimum score. 

2022 Skills Immigration draws

Targeted invitations to apply to the Skills Immigration streams may be based on one or more of the following factors:
  • Education – level and field of education and where it was completed
  • Eligible professional designations in B.C.
  • Language skills
  • Occupation
  • Duration and skill level of work experience
  • Wage and/or skill level of job offer
  • Intent to live, work and settle in a specific region
  • Strategic priorities – factors that address specific labour market needs in B.C. or support government pilot projects and initiatives
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Entrepreneur Immigration invitations

Date Number of
Stream Minimum Score

November 8, 2022
<5 Regional Pilot 114
October 4, 2022 5 Base 116

August 30, 2022
<5 Regional Pilot 129
July 19, 2022 <5 Regional Pilot 111
June 28, 2022 <5 Regional Pilot 110
May 10, 2022 <5 Regional Pilot 109
March 22, 2022 <5 Regional Pilot 117

View 2021 Entrepreneur Immigration Draws

Invitations to apply under the EI Regional Pilot are conducted approximately monthly for qualified entrepreneurs who have been referred by a participating community.

Targeted invitations to apply to the EI Base stream may be based on one or more of the following factors:

  • The qualified candidate’s registration score
  • The specific region in which a candidate proposes to establish a business
  • The population size of the community in which the candidate proposes to establish a business
  • Whether the proposed business is a start up or a purchase of an existing business
  • Whether the business proposal is aligned with identified priority business sectors

ITA draws based on score alone for the EI Base will be held periodically, but may be limited based on targeted invitations and to maintain standard processing times.

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General information

We issue invitations to registrants in all streams except Health Authority and International Post-Graduate. Those applicants can apply directly.

Periodically, the BC PNP will invite people who are in the registration pool to submit an application to the program. ITAs are based on the information provided in registrations.
Information provided in the registrations will be used to rank, select and invite candidates who are most likely to meet B.C.’s economic and labour market needs.

Invitations may be targeted to support B.C. government priorities, such as supporting specific business sectors, encouraging regional immigration, and facilitating strategic pilot projects.
The number invited and frequency of ITA draws for all streams is managed to maintain standard processing times for all applicants, and to support B.C. priorities.

You can find more details about how we issue ITAs in the program guides.

Scheduled maintenance: Regular system maintenance to BCPNP Online may cause minor interruptions between the hours of 12:00a.m.-12:30a.m. (PT).

Previous draws

The BC PNP Archive contains the documents of previous draws. Visit the BC PNP Archive.

Program information

Visit our Documents page for:
  • the Skills Immigration Program Guide, which has complete program information, criteria, and requirements. It also includes criteria and information about the Express Entry BC option.
  • the Technical Guide, a self-help tool for registering and applying in the BCPNP Online system
  • The Entrepreneur Immigration Program Guides, which have complete program information, criteria, and requirements

Note: This website provides a high-level overview of the program only. Please refer to the program guides for the most current and complete information. Check back often to ensure you have the latest version.

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