Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

COVID-19 Update: Organizations offering the Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Program are delivering the program remotely with some limited in-person services. For the latest information on available provincial support, please visit the COVID-19 provincial support website.

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British Columbia has a growing economy and job market—employers and communities are looking for workers in many different areas.
Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants helps professionals use their skills, training, and foreign qualifications for work in B.C. They can help you get jobs that match your experience and background. They also offer:
  • financial help to pay for professional training or licenses
  • job-related language training
  • assessment (checking) of credentials and experience
  • career planning and coaching
  • communication with regulatory authorities
  • referrals to employers and mentors
  • Canadian work experience opportunities – for example, through work-study programs or related jobs in your industry
  • if your occupation is not practised in B.C. or your qualifications are not recognized in B.C., Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants can help you find other options
Visit the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC (AMSSA) website to see videos that explain the Career Paths program. 

Are you eligible?

You may be eligible for Career Paths if you:

  • became a permanent resident of Canada within the last five years
  • have 3 years of work experience in your home country OR 1 year of pre-arrival work experience in your home country if you are 30 years old or younger
  • have an intermediate to advanced level of English language proficiency
  • are not receiving Employment Insurance or BC Employment Assistance  
  • are working in a job that does not use your skills and training from your home country

The program has three streams:

  • Stream 1: You have education and experience and need language or skill upgrading.
  • Stream 2: You need help with upgrading your credentials for a regulated job.
  • Stream 3: You need help with upgrading for an unregulated job.

Stream 1: in-demand jobs

Stream 1 could help you find work. Under this stream you could get up to 22 months of help toward your work goal. Support may include:
  • career counselling specific to your job
  • help getting recertification education (where relevant)
  • English language training specific to your job
  • other help that B.C. employers know will help you succeed.
Find the jobs that are in high demand in B.C. under stream 1 below, including service providers and their contact information.

Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Service Provider List: Stream 1

Occupational Group Occupation Service

Construction & Engineering
NOC 0711 Construction Managers
NOC 2131 Civil Engineers
NOC 2133 Electrical & Electronics Engineers
NOC 2132 Mechanical Engineers
Immigrant Services Society
of BC (ISSofBC)

(604) 590-4021
(778) 372-6510

NOC 2171 Information Systems Analysts and Consultants
NOC 2174 Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
NOC 2281 Computer Network Technicians
NOC 2173 Software Engineers and Designers
Immigrant Services Society
of BC (ISSofBC)

(604) 590-4021
(778) 372-6510

Business & Administration
NOC 1221 Administrative Officers
NOC 1241 Administrative Assistants
NOC 1111 Financial Auditors & Accountants
NOC 1311 Accounting Technicians and Bookkeepers
Multilingual Orientation
Service Association for
Immigrant Communities 

(604) 438-8214

NOC 3012 Registered Nurses & Registered Psychiatric Nurses
NOC 3233 Licenced Practical Nurses
NOC 3216 Medical Sonographers
NOC 3112 General Practitioners & Family Physicians
NOC 3413 Nurse’s Aides, Orderlies & Patient Service Associates
NOC 3111 Specialist physicians
Douglas College

(604) 588-7772

Education and Social Services
NOC 4212 Social and Community Service Workers
NOC 4011 University Professors and Lecturers
NOC 4021 College and Other Vocational Instructors
NOC 4214 Early Childhood Educators and Assistants
Douglas College

(604) 438-3045
Sales and Services
NOC 0621 Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers
NOC 0631 Restaurant and Food Service Managers
NOC 0601 Corporate Sales Managers
Progressive Intercultural
Community Services
Society (PICS)

(604) 596-7722


Stream 2: regulated jobs

More than 280 jobs in B.C. are regulated. To work in a regulated job, you need to be certified. Stream 2 could help you find work in a regulated job.

Each regulated job has different standards. A regulatory authority sets these standards. It also assesses qualifications from other countries.

Stream 2 can also help you explore a different career. This may be a practical option for many reasons:
  • your job is not practiced in B.C.
  • the demand for your job is low
  • your qualifications are not recognized in B.C.
In this stream you may receive up to 20 months of help to reach your work goal. This could include:
  • career counselling specific to your job
  • financial help to upgrade your skills, including language training
  • help with getting ready for exams
  • other support that will help you succeed in B.C.
If you don’t have a lot of work experience in Canada, career counsellors can help you find a practicum or a temporary job in your industry. While you work, you can get your Canadian credentials.

Stream 3: unregulated jobs

Stream 3 may help you to find a job in any unregulated occupation if:
  • your job is not practiced in B.C.
  • the demand for your job is low
  • your qualifications are not recognized in B.C.
Under stream 3 you may get up to 11 months of help reaching your work goal. Support could include:
  • career counselling specific to your job
  • financial support for upgrading (including language training)

Service providers delivering the Career Paths Program

Find services under stream 2 and 3 in each region of the province, including service providers, their contact information, and the cities they serve.

Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Service Provider List: Streams 2 and 3

Region Service Provider   Contact 
Thompson Okanagan 
Cariboo North
Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia (ISSofBC) Vancouver (604) 590-4021 
Thompson Okanagan (250) 545-0585
Cariboo North (250) 624-9494
South Delta
Langley Plus
Back in Motion (604) 575-3800

TriCities Douglas College (604) 588-7772
New Westminster
Multi-Lingual Orientation Service Association For Immigrant Communities (MOSAIC) (604) 438-8214 
North and West Vancouver Coast Impact North Shore

Formerly North Shore Multicultural Society 
(604) 988-2931 ext. 371/241
Fraser Valley Archway Community Services

Formerly Abbotsford Community Services
(604) 866-0257 
Vancouver Island South Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) (250) 388-4728 ext. 122
Vancouver Island North Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society (250) 753-6911 ext. 112