Educational Credential Assessments

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is an independent assessment of your foreign degree, diploma, certificate or other credential. It proves that your qualification is valid and equivalent to Canadian credentials. An ECA can improve your registration score.

Do I need an ECA?

You will receive points in your Skills Immigration or Express Entry BC registration if you have an ECA. It may improve your registration score. An ECA may also be required as part of your BC PNP Express Entry BC application if it is needed for your IRCC Express Entry profile.

How do I get an ECA?

You must get an ECA from a designated agency. Please visit the IRCC website for complete and up-to-date ECA requirements and designated agencies.

If you disagree with your ECA results, please contact the designated agency that issued your ECA to discuss your concerns.

How long are ECA results valid for?

An ECA is valid for five years after being issued. ECAs must also be valid at the time of application for permanent residence under IRCC’s Express Entry system.

How do I submit my ECA?

If you have included your ECA in your BCPNP Online profile, you may provide a clean copy instead of an original if you are invited to apply. However, the BC PNP may request an original copy.

If you get a new ECA after you have registered to the BC PNP but have not yet received an invitation to apply, you must update your BCPNP Online profile. If you get a new ECA after you have applied to the BC PNP, you must provide the BC PNP with a copy of your new ECA.